I have been hesitating for a very long time before offering shoes alongside postural optimizations. I mistakenly thought that in addition to their fit, my clients would not want to spend additional money. The many feedbacks and positive experiences since I work with Lake shoes show me that I was wrong to wait so long.

It is ultimately with the feet that we propel ourselves. This is the same for many sports disciplines, But what is different for cycling is that the support is identical for each pedal stroke. And if this support is bad, the consequences are felt in terms of performance and posture: discomfort, pain, compensations, microtraumas, ineffectiveness, …

Since I paid more attention to the feet of my cyclists, I have been concerned by the number of incompatibilities between their feet and the choice of their shoes. I could no longer accept this factor limiting the efficiency of my work and I started looking for a partner, which I am happy to have found in Lake shoes.


  • The only responsive partner who listens to the needs of cyclists and their bike-fitter.
  • They make ONLY shoes.
  • Quality: most of their models are handmade with genuine leather.
  • Possibility of having two different sizes for the same pair.
  • Sizes from 36 to 50 with half sizes from 39 to 47 (depending on the model).
  • Up to three different widths (depending on the model).
  • No model changes every year.
  • Some models are customizable.

If you are interested in my advice in order to find the model that suits you in their range, you are invited to make an appointment so that I can take the time for you and your feet This service is free and without obligation. Because it is worth it. If you buy a model that I have in stock, I suggest you come with your bike. I prefer to adjust your cleats myself and check dynamically the correctness of this adjustment.

If you want the cherry on the cake, and you deserve it, go for footbeds! The insoles cost you €159 for the Custom Pro and €209 for the Custom Pro Ultra, which are stiffer, if they are made in a stand-alone appointment, and €106, respectively €159 if they are made at the same session as your fitting or as the purchase of Lake shoes on the spot.