What awaits you here is a dynamic, individualized and professional postural assessment to help you practice your sport in the best possible conditions. Are you looking for comfort and performance while minimizing the risk of injury? You do not feel comfortable or even have pain on your bike? I would be happy to help you, regardless of your level and type of practice.


More comfort : less effort : fewer injuries


About the importance of a dynamic postural assessment

Only 2% of cyclists need a custom bike. A custom position,  on the other hand, …everyone must have one (Bernard Hinault).

Indeed, a good position is the basis of any cycling practice. Do you want to be more performant? Are you looking for more comfort? The postural assessment offers you both. Optimizing the connection between the cyclist and his bike is the key factor for the best performance. And we definitely cannot be effective without comfort.

Comfort + Efficiency = Performance.

Even if you primarily target performance, your position has to be sufficiently comfortable to be maintained, without wasting energy to keep a posture that doesn’t fit.

It’s the bike that should fit you, not the other way around.

It’s the bike that should fit you, not the other way around. The postural assessment involves analyzing the position and technique of the cyclist on his bike or on a fit bike, to optimize them for optimal performance and to minimize the risk of overload injury. It puts the cyclist at the center of the analysis and tries to achieve harmony between him (her) and his (her) bike. 

The proposed method is dynamic, this in two points of view:

  • The postural assessment happens in the movement, pedaling on your own bike on a trainer or on a fit bike.
  • You are involved in the process. The art of fitting will consist of juggling objective observations and subjective sensations. That’s what makes every single session unique and every postural assessment exciting.